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About Minecraft Premium Account

Who We Are?

Leakbay is a group of professional programmers that making a free software, android game, ios games and etc. One of our member is a player of Minecraft just like you guys, he want to get some free minecraft premium account inable to maximize the game. And of course we hacked the Minecraft datebase and we got our free minecraft premium accounts, and then one of our guy decided to give it to all the people that looking for free minecraft premium account.

What is Minecraft Premium Account?

A Premium account on minecraft it to the alpha version of the game, with zombie survival, and more. It cost about $13 USD. And it is a very addicting game.

Is this Free Minecraft Premium Account Safe to Use?

Our free minecraft premium accounts are 100% safe to use because our site is protected. We blocked all the IP addressess from Minecraft sites, so they will having a hard time detecting this. So we guarantee you that you can use our free minecraft premium account safely.